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COM: Pests, Pals and Borb'Halves! by carnival

COM: Pests, Pals and Borb'Halves!


Carni: ..just so happened that there were a few boibs on this page! \X3

(must be snail-y theme attracting them?) X3 hehe!

Ry: Pffftahahaha ohh my gosh Snailtember attracting the birds to stream is fantastic, all the poor snails XD

And this page has all sorts of goodies in it, starting on the right we’ve got Aliradan-the-black bringing us hekkin chocobo taur content which is so good (‘3 And they even splashed in Carni’s Moomba Chocobotaur as well and they are playing such hekkin big chonky birb feet hopscotch X333

Below them to the left is Ripper253’s Cynthia introducing this snail tamagochi to the meaning of suffering, mwahahahaha they never even expected to be targeted XP

And up in the top left we have Malorek bringing us many lovely Dauz stickers and some lovely Carni interactions with them too, gosh Dauz is always adorable and a sweetness, how can you not swoon for such prettyness <3 <3

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Aliradan-cobotaur © Aliradan-the-black
Cynthia © Ripper253
Dauz © Malore

Artwork, Carnival & Moombahcobotaur by Erika V, September 2022