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COM: Poppy SCREEch Cappy Bat! by carnival

COM: Poppy SCREEch Cappy Bat!


Carni: HULL. the HECK. YES/YES!!! >8DD

Poppy-Cappy back with some FRESH new morph'vibes as a Capybara/Bat!

Their character is already 11/10 AMAZING; but MY GOSH I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR BAT-MORPH TOO NOW!!? \X33

..And don't worry, she's just hunting up that fruit you've left out! X3

She's (probably) not a blood-sucker!

Ry: Holy gosh yes Duskplume this is SO cool, Poppy has a part Capybara bat hybrid is so amazing!! They look so cool, the wingarms show off your fancy colouration so well aaaaaa yesyesyes YES!!! ^.=.^

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

BatPoppy © Duskplume

Artwork by Erika V, August 2022