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COM: Final July Stream Page! by carnival

COM: Final July Stream Page!


Carni: whewph!

Welp, closed out the month by finishing up on some order booked last stream (before the Weekend away interstate) and goodness there is a fair bit of art-stuffs ahead to get stuck into soon! 😵‍💫💦

Thanks for buying everyone!

Ry: Eeeeee I am so excited that comfy Bearbear with my sona Skyline is soooo comfortable my goodness gracious I could snuggle and rest like taht basically all day awwwww gosh but back to the task at hand art stuffs.

Got DredgenNikki in the bottom left being their usual swoll Umbreon self which is great ^.^

Below them is a lovely little Loaf Chinta, which is the cutest things my goodness, so wudgley and friendly X333

To the right of them is Spy’s Diamond Black Apple Fruit Bat character, looking rad in a hoodie which they totally do n.n

And a cutie Carni in the corner being their lovely self <3 <3 <3

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Black Diamond Apple Fruit Bat © UntitledSpy
Dredgennikki © Dredgennikki
Skyline © Meltoria
Chintabean © StuffbyScarlet

Artwork, Carni & Bearbear by Erika V, June 2022