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CROP: Delicious Adornment! by carnival

CROP: Delicious Adornment!


Carni: Little Bit of May Magic in every Outfit sold!

*No outlet liable for any effects associated with or of taking on bovine features with purchase and attire adornment.
No Returns!
Not that any can because that's Bind-on-Equipped anyway
Not that it's at all related; but effects may wear off at the end of the month ♥️

Ry: That's a lot of maybes, binding and semi to permanent effects..... >.> I'll take several sets X333

But serisouly gosh Duskplume's Poppy looks so cool in this, hekkin thicc bottom and well endowed chest from all of that Milky May magic and it's such a nice outfit too, pink cow print armwarmers and lingerie I totally want a set because gosh it's so cute ('3333

That tiny cow earring is super adorable too n.n

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Poppy © Duskplume

Artwork by Erika V, May 2022