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COM: Wrought of Nobility by carnival

COM: Wrought of Nobility



Ry: Hohh my gosh he's so handsome my goodness, what a dreamy Eldritch hunk if I've ever seen one O.O

Carni: Twas was a near-thing dressing them up in the Galare' House Blue and Silvers, but the Burgundy/Bronze for contrast won out this time~ ;3 (and makes a kinda synergy sense within the Pelted'verse context X3)

Ry: Yessssss, using logic and a craving to be different to influence you and it turned out well I am so glad. You still would have made them look amazing with the Galare blue's to be fair but gosh you made the Jisiensire Burgandy and Bronze look SO GOOD!!

Carni: *Which, ofc, brings us to talking about my Fave author of ABSOLUTELY all time: M.C.A.Hogarth ♥️ (....all roads lead here) X3

Ry: Seriously you should all read these books. They are fantatic!

Carni: I'd personally recommend starting with Mindtouch (book 1 in the Dream Healers Series) for new-comers into their fiction!

Ry: It's free so what do you have to lose? ^.=.^

Carni: [But you can check out the 'where do I start' page also for other entry-points that might take your fancy more just as well too!]

Ry: Her Interuments is fun for adventure and Princes Game is amazing for Political Intruige and managing much too dangerous situations ^.=.^

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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Century © Liglig

Artwork by Erika V, April 2022