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COM: January Dino's and Food page by carnival

COM: January Dino's and Food page


Ry: Continuing our catch up from the final strem of January we have UntitledSpy's new Mango Boba Tea Cheetah Jinhuang fitting perfectly into this current month's goopy theme ^.^

Triggerbeast bringing us a Triceratops cross Parasaur hybrid version of their Orca-Trigger self (That's a lot of parts in one X3)

And finally getting to see Mazinja's door teleporting raptor Wendy, delivering a pizza in the fastest way possible ('D


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Jinhuang © UntitledSpy
Trigger- Paratrike version © Triggerbeast
Wendy © Mazinja

Artwork by Erika V. February 2022