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CROP: Happi Pikka Spakuru Shiny! by carnival

CROP: Happi Pikka Spakuru Shiny!


Carni: In the spirit of this FlashBack January theme; lead with a(nother!) redraw of an old CD cover-pic!

First one made in.... 2001? Earlier??) second redraw made in August of 07'

And now again in 2021! n__n/

.. .. .. 'keep on drawing yo' indeed!
(Improvement comes to those whom have the will to make what they wanna achieve in life happen!) ❤️

Ry: Almost everything in life can be achieved with enough practise, you just gotta be willing to perservere and keep pushing forward day after day. Each step does get you closer as long as you keep walking and nothing shows that better than progression shots like this. 20 years is a long time but look how far you can come, and in the grand scheme of things most of us still hvae 20 years left, so you are always free to start now ^.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V. January 2022