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COM: Everything Sleek Or Shiny by carnival

COM: Everything Sleek Or Shiny


Carni: ahhhh sUCH a nice first page! ^_^

Ry: Oooooo and here we go everyone, kicking off Blast from the Past-uary we have our own resident Carnival redrawing for a second time a very old CD cover of theirs to show the progression of time as they grow throughout the ages. And quite an improvement it has been my gosh, that energy and style is much greater as their skills progress and gain in power!!

Following on from that we have in centre stage Siev, stretching out their rubber symbiote tail with a good full body stretch, showing off all of their amazing chest fluff and shiny tum in one motion ('3

Following on down to the bottom right we have Jellydog's Kaffir rocking the theme in some proper 90's hoodie action, which I imagine is rather tircky to wear without their goo body sliming through the various openings but they seem to be managing X3

Pulling back up to the top left we have UntitledSpy and Gyiyga having both of their characters Catspy and Celeste fused into one new and extra sparkly creation which they both seem to be enjoying the final results of ^.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Siev © Siev
Kaffir © Jellydog
CatSpy © UntitledSpy
Celeste © Gyiyga

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V. January 2022