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CROP: Long Range Smoochin' Machine by carnival

CROP: Long Range Smoochin' Machine


Crop from a super-page of appreciation for Meltoria! ^________^

Carni: Mentioned you like Trunks~ X'>

hehe! ❤️welcome!


Hair/lippy inspired from this #2 Palette! ^_^

[color=#6180FF]Ry: hOooooh gosh I am VERY welcome for this you are so right. My gosh that sassy voluptuous EleRy is inspiring all sorts of amazing idea's that I must immediately write down to get commissioned one day my gosh.

Neat idea for the rainbow snout from Dragon Skyline to blend it in as a sort of shimmering gradient along the length of the trunk that is nicely done. And Eeeeee you are so right in that I liek trunks, look how amazing they are and look with that adorable fleshy nose mouth grabber thing at the end to facilitate tasty long range makeouts or to wrap around and pull lovelies in for a face covering lipstick painting smooch hug. My gosh all of that is brilliant, the earring and other jewlery is a nice touch as well, notices the tusk bands you've added as well ('3

Definitely going to be seeing more versions of Skylaphant in the future for darn sure ^.=.^[/color]


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork by Erika V. January 2022