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COM: New and Old faces, TO BATTLE! by carnival

COM: New and Old faces, TO BATTLE!


Carni: And the First-page of a final batch for December, and 2021 also!

Thanks again erryone for making the Shift over on to Twitch so seemless and fun! ^___^ Shall be seeing you all again real soon in 2022!

Ry: Heck yeah for the Twitch transition woooooo, it's been really fun so far being able to turn up to every stream for real. Getting to chat with all of you lovely people and first hand enjoy all of your characters being made and holy heck did we start with a great bunch.

Abosolutely fantastic in the bottom right is MissSmittenKitten's Demi shark character who looks brilliant. Demi pride for life wooooo!! But also Gosh that colour set and design is so perfect for a shark too it's so great yes yes yes ('3333

Pulling back tot he left we have Gyiyg brining back Goa from a while back being their silver Chocobo Taur from all the way back in VOREgust although this time with new levels in fighter for the DnDcember theme X3
But this time with Spy's new Gem Dragonborn character Alira has signed up to ride them into battle!!

... Their excitment far exceedes Alira's ability to climb giant taur backs though XP

And then we have Siev rocking their very own maid outfit just in time for the New Year... though in exchange for the benefits of getting their new outfit they actually won the full package of being a maid, which involves a lot more dusting beneath cabinets than traditionally posted XP


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Siev © Siev
Goa © Gyiyg
Alira © UntitledSpy
Demi Shark © KylanthaHeartstone

Artwork by Erika V. December 2021