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COM: InaNovember power page! by carnival

COM: InaNovember power page!


Ry: Oooooooo hoyl heck this page is amazing!! I super am digging all of this InaNovember content here. I've always liked this sort of stuff a little bit but this month is really highlighting how cool it can all be and I hope everyone else is having this same sort of awakening when it comes to getting your sona's as personality linked objects since it's such a cool idea. (I'm going to grab a bunch of my Sona's as different clothing soon so that should be fantastic ('333 )

But anyway I digress, starting us off we actually have the only non InaNovember pic on this page with a personal pic of our resident Carnvial, having been inspired by this piece a long time ago and making a fully goopified version of Carni with their own head chompies. These ones are much shinyer and more holographic much to her tastes but we are also graced with an epic slime bodied Carni to pair with them.

In actuality that piece was made with this user Palette which adds just that little extra neatness to the whole piece.

Following along from that we have something I adore with PhantomShotgun's Monica wearing her own personalised set of CarniBoots, both male and female variety to make the matching set X3

Hihihi for those who are not familiar with monica by the way her Legs and Arms positions are swapped, hence the powerful shoulder thighs and the lower arms needing a custom chair to properly relax upon. But also holy heck do thigh high monster Carniboots look great, all chompy and slobbery, they probably get up to all sorts of cheeky hyjinx when Monica stops paying attention to her legs XP

And on the right we have many pieces for LigLig whose name inspires a particular voiceline everytime I see them that I cannot accurately convey over text but can be found on our streams when LigLIg arrives X3

They got a whole bunch for InaNovember with Allegro, the Tiger Lig of LigLig and their counterpart Blue manifesing as a Yin Yang charm of their co-existance together in the bottom right making a great enamel pin. Rajin, their balanced medatative aspect of Autumn becoming one puzzle piece to pair against Nyro, their especially silly alien frog who also got to be a puizzle piece along with them ^.=.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Monica © PhantomShotgun
Allegro "Lig", Blue, Rajin, Nyro, © LigLig

Artwork, Goodusa Carni, Mancarni and Carniboots by Erika V. November 2021