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COM: Late InaNovember Scribbles Page by carnival

COM: Late InaNovember Scribbles Page


Ry: Here we have a whole bunch of scribblies start with the bottom right we have ErisAndroid who grabbed a lovely tiny cuddling piece with Marbles who is the larger of the two snugglebuns being all affectionate with one another <3

Then we have in the bottom left Speed_Fiend's Margo the bat who is looking lovely in their fancy corset and collar, being only in lineart makes their eyes and hari really stand out too ^.^

And Sara in the top left from Jenorafeuer looks amazing holy heck. They started with the idea of an ingot or statuette and I am adoring this end product. Totally going to grab one myself of my charcaters in ingot/statuette form now since their inverse Skunk smith looks so amazing good gosh ^.=.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Eris © ErisAndroid
Marbles © Marbles
Margo © Speed_Fiend
Sara © Jenorafeuer

Artwork by Erika V. November 2021