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COM: Dancin' Dress-up Party! by carnival

COM: Dancin' Dress-up Party!


[Sand coloured background can be found on Furaffinity]

Carni: Stikkas for Snoodle, some delicious Sessy Sketchy outfits on a pair for HariKuran & Some Fancy Dancy Ravey Steppin for Jenora!

GOSHgosh GOSH EVERYONE has SUCH LOVELY characters always! ('3

Thanks erryone for the delightful content!!

[color=#6180FF]Ry: Oooooooooo my goodness I ADORE these stickers, the shading on the "You" makes them look so good and makes me want my characters there. ALso Awwwww licking the icecream Noodle cone with their heart distress is adorable, the endless tail is always good, friendship hugs are nice and I NEED a mergies sticker of my own yesyesyes more mergies all the time please ^.=.^

HariKuran's pair looks lovely, their fishnet's overlapping makes them look like a matching pair, one fluffy, one sleek ('33

Also wooooo for raver aesthetic, it's such a good style, all neon colours, dangly things, fishnets and body paints heck the heck yes ('D [/color]


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

IcecreamNoodle © Viscerabot
Tika © HariKuran
Jolie © SweetHeartSerpent
Jenora © Jenora

Artwork by Erika V, October 2021