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COM: Gifts and Bits Page! by carnival

COM: Gifts and Bits Page!


Carni: Telegram Sticker Set for Triggerbeast, Fusion-Hybrid of Carni + Ransom, the Birthday Art-bit for Kraden, and a little 'neutral' half to got with the a 'talking' part for making a PNG-tuber avatar for Rybles! X3

Ry: Ooooooo awesome, friendly Orca stickers for Trigger, their chompy teeth are super fun and my goodness don't they jsut have the most luxurious hair O.O

Holy eeeeeeeeeeeeee fusions are the BEST and you two look adorable merged as one Carnsom, such friendly happy energy with fluffy kitty tails and paws ('3333

Oooooo Bishi Kraden is one hekkin hunk of a badass that's for sure, the sakura blossom wind calls him to adventure ^-^

Chuuuuuu it's meeeeee, in tiny and adorable form to help with stream events. That is a super fun feature being able to have the icon's visually chat with ya'll streamgoers ('3

Wooooo for Long Arms Norman tribute!!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Triggerbeast Orca Form © Triggerbeast
Ransom © Ransom
Kraden © Kraden
Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork, Carnival & Long Arms Norman by Erika V, October 2021