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COM: Three'times a Charm by carnival

COM: Three'times a Charm


Carni: Heckin' fusion of RickyKings Luna and Nova characters!

and MY GOSH! their designs at a base are lovely as is! the combination~~~~ chef kiss

Ry: Goodness doesn't she look absolutely amazing in so many ways holy flaming heck, such presence and confidence, her furflames working so well and contrasting perfectly with the brillinat gold of her jewlery, which is hella cool, I'm diggin the golden chain aesthetic, like she's gotta contain herself lest her full power overwhelm those in the immediate vicinity X3

Also just her general stripes and scale patterns are really nice/are so good <3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Luna, Nova © RickyKing

Artwork by Erika V, July 2021