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COM: Black cat Appreciation Day Scribbs full page! by carnival

COM: Black cat Appreciation Day Scribbs full page!


Carni: Goodtimes, great classic Kits!
Kicking off with a personal piece featuring 'ElderScrolls-a-fied' versions of my animal companions; Domino, Raven & gecko Blanc!

Ry: Woah they are quite fantasy-fied for sure. Raven is definitely much better as an anthro friend that's for sure. Domino is still a wuss though and blanc has big fight energy when anthroified it seems XD

Carni: A Taur-version of TriggerBeasts Orckapi, Bronte whom looks as surprised by the chance as any!

Ry: Ohhh goodness their hein legs already doing instictual kicks, that would be surprising XS

Carni: BlackCatEnder-Taur Spy!

Ry: Got that sneaky gaze, is that their greapfruit/big orange or did they grab it with their grabby ender-wings?

Carni: Big ol' close-shot VoreMaw for Zephyr.W!

Ry: Good sloppy tongue and maw energy ('3

Carni: &, as the Hour demandeth and SUMMONS! Some pure uncut BLK cat via Kevin!

Thanks again everyone!

Ry: KEVIN, the distilled form of black cat, emerging for the hour and day that is for their very appreciation!!


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Bronte © TriggerBeast
BlackCatEnder-Taur Spy © UntitltedSpy
Zephyrwolf © Zephyrwolfeh
Kevin © Eric-martin

Artwork, Domino, Raven & Blanc by Erika V, August 2021