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COM: All the Fruits n Furry Flavours! by carnival

COM: All the Fruits n Furry Flavours!


Carni: Mixed Bag' page for Triggerbeast, Meraki Pen, Telaroth & Shep'pup!

my goodness everyone has simply amazing characters and character designs~~ (3

Ry: Riiiight, liquid dragons, pavlova puppies, fiery trigress's and colourful samoyeds heck yes!!!

Carni: ........I think I -must- be in the right line of work to just want to draw MORE all the time and be so inspired by everyone cool as heck stuff ❤️ |>

guh LOVE it everyone!!

Ry: Chihihihi I mean, that's good. If you didn't enjoy drawing everyones cool characters I'd be questioning how you managed to get here at all XP


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Jenora © Triggerbeast
Meraki © MerakiPendogArt
Telaroth © Tanorath-drgn
Pav © Sheppypup

Artwork by Erika V, July 2021