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COM: Squids, Skribbs n Zeebs! by carnival

COM: Squids, Skribbs n Zeebs!


[Alternate Version with the zebra side up here]

Lovely Squidy-pair for Malorek or their characters; Mal n Dauz! (pronounce 'Dowse')

I adore the physical 'feeling' my minds-eye imagined for them both X'3 Rubberly, slippery and HECKin' stretchy both! XDD

Ry: Ooooo yeah, that mix of theoretical squid, with the sort of plush softness of friendly dragon sscales for Mal and mixed with deer-fox miniature fur for Dauz. Hummm I can't seem to decide which would feel nicer to the touch but heck yea for squish rubberyness ('333

... I want a squid-hybrid too now ^-^

Carni: And on the bottom, TREAT'd MAHself to a scribble of my Neapolitan-y Inversed Zeeb getting ready & excited for the on-coming JUNE-i-Corns theme!! ^___^

Ry: Oooooo JUNE-i-Corn that's awesome, ALL the unicorns of everyone's charctaers yessssssssss, also woah their colours look great!!

Carni: .. ... . kinda wanna dye my Hair in that tri-colour too now?? :U

Ry: Right, next after the rainbow's we are currently doing a good Neopolitan hairstyle is very much in order ^.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Malorek, Dauz © Malorek

Artwork & Neopolitan Unicorn by Erika V, June 2021