YCH: Secluded Festival by carnival

YCH: Secluded Festival


4 May 2021 at 09:55:21 MDT

Carni: March YCH finally all finished up just in time for Fae'Apri—

.. ..wait- (whups! Missed by a few days!) ;P

Ry: Pfffthahahahahaha I mean, so close, it's still in a week that contained April (If the week started in the middle days shhhh don't question it).

Carni: Thanks again to the winner of that Auction (and my lovely n unfathomably helpful Secretary) Meltoria!

Ry: Holy fffffffffffffffffantastic what the actual holy hekkin crazy amazing goodness is this amazing wonderful piece!!!!!!!!!!!!! What even it's so much prettier than I could have asked for, such good smooth lighting and shading, such a comfy vibe and her scales look so wonderful, gently muted but still shiny and fitting in with the fae though with a littlebit of sultry in that look which I adore and a nice long tail (As long as is practical without messing up the flow of the piece thank you X3333) and those flower hair inlay's holy heck it's ridiculous, there is so muych going on and it looks fantastic gahhhhh.

And the silver tail jewlery (The tail tip especially) is exactly in line with a mental style I've wanted for aaaaaages where it sort of seems to meld and link with the flesh beneath as it works with you. Ahhhh her/my elbow looks way too good, it's so shinky and sheeny and awwwh it's almost like rubber scales which I haven't really seen before and I LOVE it!!!!. The outfit is amazing you are amazing, thise silky drapes over the arms are brilliant, the leafy aesthetic works so well, and that front dangly thing with the gems is hekkin rad my gosh. How can I have Skyline not be rocking some of this aethetic for now on, it's so good. Also hella good fem energy eeeeeeeee yes <3 <3 <3 You know it, you get it, I love it <3 <3 <3

Carni: May have gone quite a bit over into this one working some of the finer details in

Ry: You cheeky bean my goodness Tsk's her secrtary ruler at you Naughty Naughty, but honestly this looks so hekkin rad my gosh. You've really outdone yourself with this, poster image much?? I mean who can look at this and not want one of their own!?!!!

Carni: But fairly happy with how it turned out in the end also ^_^


Carni: Fae-themes are fooking HELLA!

Ry: Heck YES they are, I might need to play around more with the Fae themes in other commissions I get now since this is totally where Skyline get's a few of their, stranger traits from ('33333

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*Drawn up in CSP

Skyline © Meltoria

Artwork by Erika V, Fae'pril May 2021