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COM: Z(arnival) Scribbs! by carnival

COM: Z(arnival) Scribbs!


Carni: And last (but not all! the amount booked over the weekend extended beyond what could be worked in, n the rest coming soon!)

Ry: Hahahaha yeah my goodness (Sorry not sorry for being a big part in that too) all of us Scribbly getters overwhelmed you this week, and that's with Pooj and Lira not getting a scribble as well when they were going too. But that's great, means lots more art in the future if we can keep this up ^.^

A deliciously Vore-falvoured TF batch for ScribblyNoodle !

Ry: Yessssssssss, the mood grows MORE nom TF's, more absorbsion/merge transformations for all. They look amazing, they feel amazing, they taste amazing, they are amazing!!!!!!

And you get all those awesome mixed trait interesting character combinations mmmmm yes so good ('33333

Dis boi got room for seconds.. thirds, fourths and fifths!
And getting a little more than they can chew from this helping going STRAIGHT to their thighs! (.. .. Poojawa's influence is catching on I see!) \X3

Ry: Poojawa's influence has been caught and ran with. Let's let this nomfusion fire burn!!!!

Eat my scalie butt, n you gonna get ASS for your SASS! X'D

Ry: Gosh darn you you do, look at that shiny butt X3 Although oooh that mid way face/expression takeover is done so well, if you hold you finger over each half it actually is half and half of each of your face's which is amazing. You are such a good artist yes yes yes ^.=.^


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Zee © ScribblyNoodle

Artwork & Carnival by Erika V, April 2021