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COM: Dough Thief by carnival

COM: Dough Thief


25 March 2021 at 22:35:06 MDT

Carni: And their Sweety-cutie Toddler-Strawberry, Shortcake!

Fruit Anthro ftwwwww X'333

Ry: Youuuuur favourite, and she is super adorable my goodness. Must be quite a pain to look after since she is being quite a cheeky buggerand is making such a mess my gosh XD

Carni: (.. ...... should we do a Fruit-theme Month mebbe some time??) :U

Ry: I mean, it's not like we can stop your fruit based fervor from summoning a fruiot month from the aether I'm sure. You'll fit it in bonus month Fruiember if you have too XP


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*Drawn up in CSP

Shortcake © Mewfanatic

Artwork by Erika V, March 2021