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=St.PATTENINGS Sckribbly Stream Page 1= by carnival

=St.PATTENINGS Sckribbly Stream Page 1=


Carni: ..Having this months theme be fusion-hybrids.

Ry: God it was YES, more of this, ALL THE TIME!!

Carni: Absolutely ADORE Piecingbot's base characters to work from! great for creative interpretation!

Ry: Holy heck that's a gestalt creation if I've ever seen one. They are both super cool at base but this ultra space taur entitiy is so much more. You have done an amazing job all around here yes yes yes nods a bunch and goes to show them off some more

Carni: Lil' Giftie for a heckIN' old friend of mine from WAAAaaaaay back, Aleron, as a smol something because it was their birthday on the day of drawing!

Ry: Awww that's super lovely of you, hope they enjoy their sniley face and beep tongue n.n

Carni: and some more Hydra-licious fusions for RickyKing of their Cerberus-y Wolfine Luna and an un-named dragon char!

Ry: Heck yes for more hydra's. Three headed dragony cerberus, the colouration down their neck keeps making me wonder what their texture would be like, are they smooth along there, or lightly fluffy, does it swap back and fourth and look at all of those tails there is so much to hug with them ('3

Carni: .....and NFLA Norman also filling some space again. as they do |3<br>
Ry: What is this, No friends long arm's Norman, clearly they are Long arms no friends Norman, just look at those wiggly long arms and tell me that people wouldn't notice them first before their eternal absence of friends X3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Auric Runa & Stella Zodian © Piecingbot
Luna & Unnamed Dragon © RickyKing
Aleron © aleron

Artwork by Erika V, Mar 2021