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=March FUSE it UP Skribblies Day 1 Page 2= by carnival

=March FUSE it UP Skribblies Day 1 Page 2=


18 March 2021 at 07:11:18 MDT

Carni: Next we're getting VERY Fusion-y up in 'ere! 83

AHHHHH goodness Icecream Noodle SPOILS me with more super rad fusion-y action! (this time with my own [TwoTone] character!

Ry: Awwww how lovely of them, getting a mix with your fabulous two tone, why gives her an even more striking appearence with those stark contrasting halves O.O (Also who is their friendly wristband on their left wrist?)

Carni: Gorchard with another friend of theirs

Ry: Gorochard being that awesome goopy skunk dragon hybrid in the bottom right who looks amazing gosh yes. We did not end up finding out their friends handle so they are unnamed as of the moment.

Carni: And TriggerBeast smooshin' two of their characters, Missy & Bewbicorn together!

Ry: Looking sassy as heck and rather fanciful too, a very nice fusion ^.^

And lastly VonRuss's Rorf waving all happy like in the bottom left. Hiyaaaaa ('3


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*Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Icecream Noodle © Viscerabot
Caleb © Gorchard
Ash © Gorchard’s friend
Missy & Bewbicorn © TriggerBeast
Rorf © VonRuss

Artwork , Twotone & Carnival by Erika V, Mar 2021