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YCH: A new way to mix by carnival

YCH: A new way to mix


Final Glass-Dipped Goo YCHs from the HalloWeekend YCH piece for Wolfman74 !!

Alt version here

Carni: Their choice of goops; Melted Caramel and Liquid Mercury and GOODNESS those are SUPER fun to render~! ('3

Ry: Holy heck and they came out look AWESOME, the caramel is so shiny and globular whereas the mercury is a lot thinner and slice-ier which contrasts really well (‘3

Carni: Thanks again for bidding and the pleasure of drawing up your rad characters and prompt Gnoll~! ^_______^/

Ry: Yeah thank you so much for bidding and we appreciate all the cool art we get to draw with your ideas and characters (‘3


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Book Eater © Wolfman74

Artwork by Erika V, Dec 2020