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CARNma 1/2 by carnival

CARNma 1/2


CARNma Half (sort of) Fantart! X333

Carni: Ranma ½ is of course the anime which this is inspired from!

Raia and I are watching through that again recently (I never quite caught that proper back in the day and Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang IT'S REALLY GOOD ACTUALLY ('3 (and even if dated in patches, must have been also pretty forward for the time in other parts too!)

Ry: It is definitely amazing for sure, each character is fun in their own way, they all have some merits and flaws that make them both appealing yet maybe not the best choice (So it's hard to get stuck with one ship for too long)

Carni: The complex Character attraction webs are so dang refreshing over simpler Harem Anime-premises (in which all are seeking the attention of just one!)

Ry: My gosh right, why don't more anime's do this with characters liking specific individuals instead of liking either everyone or just the main character

Carni: Like.... I WANNA BIG POLY ENDING?? (3
(we're only half way through that atm, and I know I'm not going to get my wish, but I wannnnnt ittt so BAD)

Ry: I mean it's old anime, anything could happen ('3

Carni: Kinda wanna pick up the Manga if that is even possible at this stage) too now (3


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Shamp'Line © Meltoria
Kray'oga © Kraden

Carnma, Blanda and Artwork by moi! Dec 2020

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