Kurt Wolf form by carlie-nuclearzombie

Kurt Wolf form


11 March 2013 at 09:16:54 MDT

I drew a cartoon version of Alexander's wolf form so I had to do the same with Kurt XD

and I really love this one, Kurt looks so fricken badass and those mutton "wolf" chops <3

Alexander wolf form--> http://carlie-nuclearzombie.deviantart.com/art/Alexander-Wolf-form-358867456

here is some info on Kurt (both wolf and human)

Name: Kurt Meaklim

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Werewolf

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Steam Mechanic

Likes: Hard liquor, his sideburns, his friend Alexander and being a little bit of a idiot.

Dislikes: When his brother is always so serious, the fact his brother also likes the girl he likes

Abilities: professional tinker and mechanic, Strong and tough unlike Alexander who is more agile and fast.

Backstory: As a youngster Kurt and his brother spent alot of the time together for not many other kids found them "likeable" mainly because Lucius was always a dark minded kid, Kurt loved his parents but they never really gave love back to his brother Lucius, so because of this Kurt begun to despise his parents and when Lucius murdered them when he was 16, Kurt really didn't take it horribly. At age 17, Kurt inflicted the werewolves curse, while he was hunting he never really disliked the fact he was cursed infact he loved it, and since then he has discovered its full potential and power, he is one of the most powerful werewolves in the area, not the strongest yet but someday he hopes. His pack member or partner in crime is Alexander Lee-Heyward, who is also a werewolf.

Wolf pack: duo wolf pack with himself and Alexander Lee-Heyward