Stuck and immobile by Capoman16

Stuck and immobile


7 March 2015 at 07:09:48 MST

One day I was looking for apartments but what catched my attention was a very cheap house and is strange because is a family-like house for that price so I took the opportunity, I moved to the house and after to put in order my stuff I decided to explore, and what I expected is really big but then on the basement the floor breaks and I fell on a very strange mass, like goo but with a scale texture and I examined it, I was on a bottom half obese pink dragon with a golden belly and I try to pull off my body of that goo but I was glued on that, and for get worst not only I started to feel the dragon bottom half like is part of my body but also I can't move.
After a while I noticed a diary from the pile of gold (how is possible I didn't notice that before?!) but only has a one page: "Doomed is who dare to touch the dragon's gold, who will be the new guardian of the treasure which his weight will be the same as the treasure", so yeah I have to spend the gold to change back and after of spend on stuff I would like to have I had to buy a lot of useless stuff I don't even need it (like a pool table, a binding machine, a truck, a pinball and more really expensive stuffs) but even with that I still have that heavy bottom dragon half! well at least I can move, only I would like to see my feets again.

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