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Theod Raptor Head Progress by CanineHybrid

Theod Raptor Head Progress


Just a bit of an update on how Theod's head is coming along. I promised myself that I would be posting more progress-like photos on DA/FA instead of only uploading to Flickr. So have some progress!

The first photo shows the scale and proportions the head will be as well as in what position it will be mounted to my head.

The other two are what it currently looks like in the sculpting stage. I had some help from my teacher, Todd Debreceni, to get the eyelids looking boss. It gives me a happy. I have never worked with something so large before nor do I have hardly any practice working with clay. (Edit: the final mask will be casted in resin or rigid foam- it won't stay as clay, sillies)

The clay is wax-based and known as "Monster Clay" from Monster Makers. It's an alternative to plasticine. The gray base I'm sculpting on top of is closed cell foam... or better known as a high impact floor mat.

Digitigrade Stilts: [link]
Costume Design: [link]
Character Reference: [link]

Follow this project build on my flickr gallery:

I'm slowly but surely achieving my lifelong dream to one day be a dinosaur when I grow up :>>

Theod, Costume © 2012 caninehybrid caninehybrid

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