Anthro Charizard Costume [2007] by CanineHybrid

Anthro Charizard Costume [2007]


12 November 2012 at 18:39:40 MST

The project that started it all!

This was my very first creature costume, built in 2007 for use at my local anime convention, and completed as part of my graduating High School portfolio (which indeed helped get me a scholarship for college!) I think my drawing skills are lawlsy for 2007, and so is my craftsmanship, but I'm mostly uploading because she is sentimental and I'd like to have all my costume work represented in my gallery. The character is an OC of mine, Kaida the Charizardmorph (anthropomorphic Charziard).

Artwork, Kaida © 2007 Michelle "Riley" Carbaugh - CanineHybrid

Charizard © Pokémon/Nintendo


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