PoX Azraelis -Reference Sheet 2.0 by CanineHybrid

PoX Azraelis -Reference Sheet 2.0


25 March 2016 at 08:29:22 MDT

Happiest of birthday's to my boyfriend Pox.Azraelis today! I decided to update his reference sheet from 2013 because he had been thinking about tweaking the markings for awhile. What I thought would be a simple "oh I'll just change a few spots here and there and make it a bit simpler maybe" ended up with doing a complete overhaul after being unable to look past my cringy anatomy and sketchy lineart. (https://www.weasyl.com/submission/929903/pox-azraelis-reference-sheet)

It was really really bad.

So another 20 hours or something stupid of work later and I am proud to finally present the ever-complicated tribal tree ninja kitty that is the PoX we know and love. <3 LOOKIT THAT CUTE FACE. AHHH, MY BE STILL MY HEART! We spent a lot of time on that getting the right balance between a Margay and an Egyptian Mau. Here's a GIF comparison between the old and the new, for mostly my own amusement: http://sta.sh/0npb59xzyp1

Margays are small tree cats from the rainforest and related to the ocelot. Their feet can turn backwards to help them climb down trees. Learn you some knowledge!

PoX Azraelis © Pox.Azraelis
Art © CanineHybrid CanineHybrid


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    Oh what gorgeous marking designs! Nice work, cool to see the comparison .gif too.

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      Thank you so very much for your comments, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed (and actually clicked on) the comparison gif too! It means you took the time to read my description and that is always so so appreciated <3

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        You're welcome ^^ and of course, I always do if I click on a piece, you took the time to write it so it has importance.