Fursuit Head for Sale! by Canictricity

Fursuit Head for Sale!


5 July 2014 at 08:41:18 MDT

**AUCTION LINK HERE: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1058502.html **

Woah gee hello weasyl long time no see. I keep forgetting I have one of these, eheh... gonna try to be more active here!

A'ight, here it is! My latest creation for this biannual fursuit making trend I seem to have going on. Another pupper!

Balaclava Based head, mix of machine and hand sewing! Fits up to 23" head for snug fit. Made with easy-to-find camel + ivory luxury shag furs for matching parts.

Critique wise~ This fella has a pretty notable flaw-- the lopsided jaw. I...don't know how to fix it with out nearly totally disassembling it? I've never made one this off before, and I couldn't tell in the base stage. x: augh... perhaps it may land in the hands of someone who can straighten it out?

The next thing is not as noticeable. This was my first go with clippers, I ended up getting too close to the backing a few times. It happened in mostly inconspicuous areas- like in the corners of the smile, but there's a particular nick on the nose bridge I feel potential buyers ought to note before deciding to purchase.

Close up photos of these flaws are available in the auction's description, as well as photos of it being worn and other closeups!

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