Integral Body and Imortal soul by Caltroplay

Integral Body and Imortal soul


16 December 2013 at 22:09:13 MST

Old Art cross-post incoming!

Ok so this image has been a good while in the making, I started it like half a year ago when I posted these sketches I had planned to make them into an image like this, and it's really pretty close to what I had imagined.  
This was really one of those images that you find that you can't work on for long periods of time since it gets stale fast, and really makes you sick of it. But since I have been pretty sick the past week from the heat+catching a cold, I decided to work on finishing this as a little feel better present to myself =^\_^=

 was the one who inked the main characters back when I did the sketch, and then I decided to include Creigh's demon form, as a final boss like baddie X3 (who belongs to )

I really tried to make it look like one of those  old rpg screen-shots, the kind you would see in magazines and on websites, (back in the old ps1/ps2 days~) where it shows mid battle, yet has the little bit of anti-aliasing making things look a little pixelated. I also made up a quick UI with possible ideas on what might have involved if this were an actual rpg, like the 3 orbs would be like a limit break system, where you just get to choose to use a more powerful limit break if you have all 3 filled, not chaining them like 12, that was just MP nuking...   
enough of my nerd rage XD

enjoy the image!  
Listen to this awesome boss music;   
Share with me your favourite boss music!

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    I would buy a whole new console system - complete with a new TV and whatnot - just for this game. Gorgeous. :3

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    This looks awesome! I'd totally play the game and the colorful characters are quite interesting too.