SCRAP: When Things Don't Turn Out by Caleb

SCRAP: When Things Don't Turn Out


11 March 2015 at 23:23:29 MDT

I thought I'd share a failed piece today and some thoughts on failed work.

I feel like even if you do mess up early on you can still learn something by working thru a painting. You don't have to polish it, you don't need to share it- just reach your personal done point. Then you can figure out what worked, what went wrong and then start up your next artwork. Sometimes you wont know if a piece will turn out or not until those very last minutes or that one stroke to many (Yes, this still applies to digital, although it is an easier fix IF you see it happening!)

I know it may seem depressing to have spent all that time on something that in the end failed but you need to remember its not just the end results but the process itself that matters. Keep in mind every artist messes up now and again~ What your favourite artist posts up may only be a fraction of what they've actually created.

Its easy to spend your time worrying about making your next piece better than your last, to always improve, but that's a lot of pressure and fairly impossible for most. If you just keep at it as often as you can manage things will happen on their own, naturally.

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