Comm: Saint George And The Full Grown Dragon by Caleb

Comm: Saint George And The Full Grown Dragon


5 August 2014 at 20:58:52 MDT


A limited palette painting for an offsite client. Limiting my colours has always been a challenge plus I ended up getting sick there for a bit so it was a little more difficult than I previously assumed. I need to make less assumptions I guess :3

That said I still think I learned a few things and the colours i did choose do read as old timey/classic like I wanted. Knowing that colours would be scarce I watched values much more closely than usual as well. Overall I like it now that its done!

(( Don't worry the horse escapes I've decided ))

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    Ooh! The palette is definitely noticeably different than your usual fare in terms of color. It's really interesting to see integrated into your style, and you pulled it off well.

    I am actually quite drawn to the colors themselves, but you know how I am about colors. This is just right for my pea brain. I like how warm and yellowy it is.

    The background reminds me of a gouache or India ink wash. I also like the framing you did with the dragon's wings and the limited detail there.

    There is one small thing that is throwing me off just a bit, and that's the darker texturing below the dragon's neck where the white is, on the background. It almost reads as a bit of shadow, which makes it a little tough to pull it away from what looks like a distant background.

    That's just me nitpicking though! I really like it. I'm glad the horse escapes in the end. I was scared it was going to be some kind of really tragic Neverending Story type deal.

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      I see the area you mean~I will have to keep an closer eye out for that sort of thing... i think i may have been too reliant on my grayscale values layer which really made it look like a sharp division strangely enough!

      It was fun but i think the added size of the piece (20x24) and the limits started to get to me near the end. I did learn a bunch thou so I'm still glad i went thru it in the end and they really enjoyed it too :3