One more round by CaineTheLongshot

One more round


9 May 2014 at 09:08:31 MDT

"Yes, I know I'm not on the list, no I'm not wearing knickers, sure, why not, let's say it's my birthday tonight!"

Ezzie after a day of bunneh business preparing for a night of rabbit relaxing~! Or something the like! I have this feeling that vest used to be buttoned at one point too... Must be hot in the corner booth~!



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    Kinky bunny-girls are the bee's knees! <3
    leans in way close by her face to take a sip of her martini, gazing with sultry promiscuity into her eyes <3

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      Leaning in with a forceful huff

      "Hey~! Okay, now I need another round for sure!"

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    I think something must be hot in the corner booth but its not the temperature lol

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    turns off the AC