Trust Issues by Caelan

Trust Issues


9 March 2014 at 21:22:01 MDT

One of the paintings I did for the senior show last year when I was graduating. Mixed media, 8” x 10”.

Somewhat autobiographical; my caique had trust issues when I adopted her, and when I went away to college out of state and left her in the care of my parents, she soon grew angry at me for what to her seems like repeated abandonment. Initial attempts at re-taming her left me with a couple scars.

I took back over her care when I settled in Houston for my job, and I'm immensely pleased to report that after a few weeks of living with only me, she got over her aggression! We're fast buds again and I'm so pleased for her companionship. She is an endlessly entertaining, trouble making nerd.

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    That's what I like about caiques. They are FIERCE and will hate with the rage of a thousand suns. Comparable maybe to cockatoos. But they don't hold grudges all that much. They might want to kill you one day, then be your best buddy the next. And they have the courtesy to usually warn you they're pissed off.
    Unless they're shmoo-heads like my Isaac who didn't know how to pin her eyes until she was past 2.

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      Oh yeah, their moods are so mercurial. Cha will be happily sitting around on the back of my chair one minute, and the next thing I know she'll descend to the floor and attack the carpet as though it's a wicked foe which deserves no mercy. She's a cuddlebug lately, though, which is a nice change from how moody she was last month! Seasonal changes, I guess.