Fursona Banner, self love edition by CactusBlud

Fursona Banner, self love edition


26 July 2018 at 01:16:07 MDT

So it was about time I created my own banner for twitter and here, so I made this.
I though it would also be nice since it shows off all my fursonas, but still identifies them in how I view them as different parts of myself. Mostly I thought the reference picture was cute and silly: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/805088870856957462/

Cactus is my physically affectionate side, since I usually want to hug/kiss my friends or loved ones as much as possible, but I don't always because PDA may not be appropriate. However in this case, Cactus knows that Goblin secretly likes it, and amongst fellow friends a smooch is a-okay.

Goblin is my side that HATES anything remotely romantic in real life. I'm aromantic and prefer to not date, nor am I comfortable with romantic intentions. This makes my love of PDA confusing for other people, so sometimes I avoid it all together. In Goblin's case here, they love the other two, so they tough out this tender moment to humor their friends.

Christian is similar to Cactus just toned down a bit; they prefer hugs and high fives over kisses. Christian is also the quiet one of the three, so their affection is usually shown in gifts, cards, or relatable memes. I'm often away from my best friends, so sending them internet love is all I can manage, and that's right up Christian's alley. In this case, a hug is perfect.

I have more details written about my fursonas on their refsheet pages, which you can find here if you fancy a look: https://refsheet.net/sharksfood

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