Team Bite Doodles by Cabbion

Team Bite Doodles


24 January 2020 at 10:54:11 MST

A team of canids [except Mightyena] that I used to use back in PMD Blue version. I always seen Mightyena as a HYENA--- it is right there in the name. A stripped hyena with that back hair. Manectric is a maned wolf, it is neither a wolf nor a fox. Houndoom is the easiest: a doberman.

Doom the Houndoom and leader. He hates failed missions but, usually gets over it. Brawler the Mightyena, the joker and toolbox carrier. A bad idea to let him do so, usually eats most the apples. Lastly Volteer the Manectric, a bit rash but, usually follows all orders to tee.
The three formed a team even before they evolved.

Pokemon: Nintendo
Art: Me

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    I really love these -- especially that frontal shot of Doom šŸ˜

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    You have a really unique take on some of my favorites, which I can appreciate. I love the actual hyena-ish anatomy you gave to Mightyena (it's cool to see it with the actual build of its inspiration, instead of just "a dog"), and I really love the interpretation of Manectric, too. It's very unique and aesthetically pleasing, and probably my fave look for a Pokemon that's so difficult to adapt to a non-Pokemon style.

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      Haha, Thank you. I wanted to make them all seem like something close to real animals. And yes... Poochyena and Mightyena, I love seeing them as the names suggests.