The Mark of Mastery by c0sm0

The Mark of Mastery


5 November 2012 at 02:29:54 MST

All 12 Jewelpets and 2 Sweetspets has finally earn their mark of master over their magic. For this, they are all rewarded with their own respective Jewel Cloaks to symbolize their mastery.

Or...this means they were a step closer to becoming Jewelina's Successor.

Two months time.....two months time I spent on finishing this. (Not really since it took me one month and a half) It's worth all the pain in my hands this time as this is the first Jewelpet Fanart I did that got me so much trouble drawing, especially drawing each individual character and finishing it well with a not-so-good background. The whole thing is huge, well the original one is by far is 6000x4000 pixels, I only resized it to this resolution.

The amount of characters is the same as my new years picture I posted last year, only this time I got more trouble shading each one of them

Now.....try to guess who they are (Some of them can be obvious but there are other characters here that were not yet recognized. There are 11 official Jewelpets, 1 official Sweetspet, 1 movie-exclusive Sweetspet and one Novel-Only Jewelpet). I hope you like it.

Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CS5

Time total: Nearly Two Months

Jewelpet © Sanrio and Sega

Art: Mine