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Object Head Crew Redux by BusinessWolf

Object Head Crew Redux


26 October 2020 at 05:54:35 MDT

UPDATE, added Warwick and decided to resubmit

I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I decided to make some Object Head OCs today. Meet Doodle, Lucky, Warwick, and Flux! Etch a Sketch, Magic 8 Ball, Lantern, and Lava Lamp respectively~

Doodle is the shy guy, a quiet nerdy fella who wouldn't have the heart to correct someone if they get his order wrong, and he'd just accept whatever he was given.

Lucky is big beefy head empty, very sweet and loving, but very spacy and not that smart. Probably comes with his head being rattled around and shaken too much on account of the fortune thing because Magic 8 Ball.

Warwick is a nerd who likes vintage and retro clothing, especially the turn of the century, Victorian, and steampunk inspired looks. Loves being outdoors, hiking, and the wonders of nature.

Flux is the more outgoing of all of them. Loves to party and have fun, gets into trouble often, ropes the other two into his shenanigans.

Art and Characters © Me