Early years page 1/3 - by Dossun by BunBun

Early years page 1/3 - by Dossun


26 May 2013 at 01:49:35 MDT

Bunnyta sighed. It was that time of the year again. It was all laid out in front of her. Bank statements, bills, client invoices she accumulated through the fiscal year, and everything had to be condensed into a 3 page leaflet the state would use to calculate the final amount of taxes she would have to pay for enjoying her life in this country.

While she was no stranger to the exercise, it certainly reminded her every year that her freelance photography business was certainly not as lucrative as she hoped.

"Mierda.", she said to noone, slumping back in her chair as she held her bank statement up. "I work so hard for so little money, this is so not fair. At this rate I will never go on holidays ever again."

She missed Punta Cana. She went there a few years ago, before she started her business. She had a blast. It's a very nice place to be when you're young and beautiful.

She daydreamed a bit, about enjoying cocktails, flirting with bartenders, the topless beaches. A loud car horn from outside brought her back to reality though, and she straightened up on her seat, digging through her papers again. This time, though, her goal was different. She wasn't working on her taxes anymore, she was looking at ways to save up money.

Or make a little more. She could free up one of the rooms she uses as storage for photography hardware, move all that stuff to her studio, and rent a bedroom there instead. "Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's get started on that."

Weeks after posting her ad, the bell rang. "Strange, I'm not waiting on a client.", Bunny thought.

At the door was a cute feline boy, or girl, she wasn't sure. "Hello, I'm here for the room ad.", he said.

"Please come in", she replied, although it seemed that she was more interested in getting a piece of that cute lil’ feline tush than show him around.

How Asi and Bunnyta met.

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