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"Bruma" by Sidonie by Bruma

"Bruma" by Sidonie


Ok, I'm not one for reposting commissions when they've already been posted, but since she's not as active on this site as she is on others, here it is. Done by the talented Sidonie of dA, FA, and Weasyl: Go see the original here: (DO IT!)

Behold, the first depiction of Bruma, my personal character (or fursona, in other parlance). An Ethiopian Wolf with a taste for travel, he is very kind and diplomatic, and seeks to find peaceful solutions to conflict. Where negotiation is not an option, though, he will not hesitate to use force, using any of the bevy of weapons from his personal armory (including bows and arrows, crossbows, firearms, blades, explosives, etc.), most often a 7.62mm (.308 in) Imbel M964 and any pistol he finds himself equipped, in addition to any number of combat knives (not present here).

So there you have it: after years of thinking on it, my wolf persona is making his debut. I hope you like it as much as I do. While this is not the final complete version (he has a few things that need to be added), it was a tall enough order specifying what I wanted to Sidonie, especially considering her skill with drawing man-made objects is still a work in progress. However, for what she did, I am very pleased with the results. I'd recommend her. :) Expect more art of him to come.

Artwork © Sidonie (Vanessa Hughes)
Bruma © Bruma (Me)