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A Hogwarts Diary by BronzeHeart92

18th of September, 1974

Dear Diary

These past months have been seriously hectic but finally I got the courage to write down everything I can on this. I can still remember that rainy day in July; how a weirdly dressed gentleman came into our home. He said he was a wizard and came in representing some school called Hogwarts (or to put in more eloquently as seen in the letter: The Headmaster, Faculty and Students of the Most Antient and Illustrious School of Hogwarts for the Mysteries of Witchcraft and Wizardry (man, that's already quite a mouthful)) and that I had been chosen to attend. No, I thought about it then. There would be no way I would ever abandon my studies and my friends I have gathered in my life so far just to practice some Hocus-Pocus. But the wizard assured me that magic is in fact quite real and asked me to remember incidents that I didn't have rational explanations for at the time. - Well, there was this one time I found myself floating in a meadow after a stressful day at school. Higher and higher until I fell down. I said. - Bingo! Said the wizard. That proves that you're a wizard. He then gave me a letter containing my address with what I assumed had the school's seal on it. The parchment within contained instructions and a list of school supplies that I would need. I asked where can I get them and he said everything can be found in Diagon Alley, London.

And that's where I was taken tomorrow morning; a hidden street in London hidden from the prying eyes of Muggles (that I learned was the word wizards and witches use for people without the ability to cast magic). Countless little stores selling all sorts of knicks knacks that I presume would be useful for my wizarding career. I was first taken to a bank called 'Gringotts', staffed by goblins of all beings. After exchanging Muggle money for money that wizards use called Galleons, Sickles and Knuts, we went shopping for supplies such as a cauldron made of pewter, an owl, books I would need for schoolwork and a wand (oak, 11 inches, dragon heartstring as it's mysterious owner Mr. Ollivander helpfully said to me). Then, many weeks later at September 1st I would arrive at the King's Cross station in London where the train that would take me to Hogwarts was about to depart. At first, I was lost until I managed to catch glimpses of people simply... disappearing. 'Was that magic I saw just now?' I wondered in my mind. So I approached the barrier where I saw them disappear and gave it a little tap. To my surprise, the hand actually phased through it. And indeed, that was the secret entrance to the Platform 9 and Three Quarters where the Hogwarts Express was waiting all in it's scarlet glory.

As I boarded the train and chose a compartment to sit in, there was already an another boy sitting there. I asked him if he doesn't mind me sitting there and he said yes. A boy about 2 years older than me, he introduced to me as Kenneth Crowe who like me was from an all-Muggle family. I asked him about Hogwarts and he excitetly began to tell me stuff. About his favourite subjects (Herbology and Charms), the House he was sorted to (Ravenclaw) and how he was disappointed that his House did not win either the Quidditch (a sport involving broomsticks and different kinds of balls; note to self: analyze the sport as thoroughly as possible) Cup or the House Cup last year. Then came my turn. I told him how I was often the top of my class with many saying I'd have a promising future studying in Oxford and how certain little incidents I encountered in my life were actually magic. Kenneth reassured me that everything will be ok and that in Hogwarts, nobody will be left behind. He even threw in an anecdote about his accidental magic too; about how he somehow managed to make the neighbours dog obey him without fail, down to making him do very human-like acts such as urinating while standing up.

The day was already night by the time the train stopped at it's destination. While Kenneth and the others went towards carriages, us first years were treated to a boat ride, showing the castle in all of it's splendour. We then met with the Debuty Headmaster, one Gabriel Chesterfield, who greeted us at the entranced and told us that the Sorting Ceremony would begin shortly, alongside the general rules of conduct us students would have to follow. He then led us to the Great Hall of the school, a magnificent hall whose ceiling magically displays the skies outside. At the other end of the hall, in front of the staff's table, was a tattered old hat of sorts. This, we were told, was the Sorting Hat whose duty is to place each student into their respective Houses. Although I should already expect many magical things to happen to now, I still couldn't help but to be surprised at the hat actually beginning to animate and sing everyone assembled a song. After the song was over (about the Houses and their virtues), it once again became inert. At that point, Professor Chesterfield began the Sorting Ceremony proper which involved the first years sitting on a stool wearing the Hat who subsequently announces the House that student will belong to. Once my name came up, I tepidly sat on the school and tried to calm my mind. Fortunately it appeared that I was fit to be a Ravenclaw after all and as soon as the House was announced, I excitedly hurried to the table. I quickly found Kenneth who offered me a seat next to him. Once everyone was sorted, The school's Headmaster Professor Dumbledore made some announcements, mostly reminding students to not get themselves into trouble such as by casting magic in the school corridors between classes. After the announcements and the feast (complete with the food literally appearing out of thin air before our very eyes), a Prefect of my house began to lead us to our common room.

I wish I could write more at this point but I fear moments that lets me concentrate on this diary will be very rare, no doubt thanks to the hectic schedule of classes (not to mention homework) and other things that requires my attention. So I will close this diary for the time being and allow myself to drift into sleep...

A Hogwarts Diary


Entering a world you had no prior knowledge of will always be a taunting tasks. But with friends and determination on your side, anything can be possible.

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