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A Day Off in a Cabin by BronzeHeart92

That time finally came. As soon as the car came to a complete stop, I found myself standing before the cottage I surprisingly inherited from my recently deceased grandma. As a kid, I always enjoyed visiting there. But as an adult, I wonder if it's magic can still hold. With the key in my hand, I opened the door inside.

The place to put it simply has seen better days. Although every furniture was still carefully placed in their proper positions, there was lots of dust everywhere. And possibly vermin. In short, the cottage hasn't seen lots of maintenance lately. Setting aside my belongings, I pulled out my Pokéballs and let out my companions Rick the Shroodle, Walter the Staraptor, Jessica the Litleo and Sharon the Raboot. Immediately they turned their eyes upon me, clearly expecting some food. I quickly made some salat and divided it amongst 4 plates for the Pokémon to enjoy. As they ate food, I decided to start cleaning the place up.

Suddenly someone rapped at the door. Curious, I slowly opened it and on the other side I saw none other than Jacob Doyle, a friend residing in the apartment opposite from mine. To say I was baffled by his appearance's honestly an understatement.

  • Well, well, isn't this a surprise. What brings you here, Jacob? I inquired.

  • Actually I'm quite surprised to see you, Tim Bower. Didn't know you also had a cabin in this general area.

Quite an interesting coincidence indeed. I motioned him to go inside for some buns and tea. As Jacob arrived to the kitchen, he noticed my Pokémon still helping themselves to the salad.

  • Whoa, I didn't know you were a trainer. Are you perhaps tackling the Gym Challenge? Or were they given to your care?

  • They are mine, yes. It's just that I became a little fatigued at some point and decided to return to my day job as a result. And ever since I inherited this cabin from my grandman, moving away from the hustle and bustle of the big city on occasions is something that makes me happy.

  • She must have meant so much to you I take it?

  • Yeah, I always used to go here during my childhood. Enjoying the nature and go fishing for tasty treats by the pier. Although it was a little scary back then, I still remember that day when my brother's pole got snatched out of his hands!

  • Whoa, that must have been quite the big fish alright. Too strong for such weel lads to handle.

The two of us then laughed as we continued to trade stories. I then offered to take Jacob outside to fish with me only for him to politely decline. Movement on my lap alerted me to the fact that Jessica just finished her meal and true to form began to take a little nap there.

  • She's cute, isn't he? To be honest, I was never a fan of Fire types per se but seeing speciments like your Litleothere can really widen one's horizons. Jacob said.

  • Yeah, I suppose it's always fun to see him scamper around and having fun. Had Jessica since junior high or so. Though it can be very difficult to keep her under control when she heats up.

  • Well, as long as she can be a fine companion, nothing else matters, right?

  • I mean, of course. Would you mind an another round of tea, perhaps?

  • Might as well. By the way, would you mind going with me on my Lapras on a tour around the lake?

  • You have a Lapras? I said in an astonished manner.

  • Yup, been my pride and joy for as long as I can remember.

  • I mean, that certainly would be an honor.

  • Alright, then it's settled. Tomorrow 11:00 sharp!

As we said our goodbyes, I decided to open the television. The rest of my Pokémon arrived from the kitchen at that time, clearly content with their meal. Though Rick glancing around the room clearly telegraphed me he was going to make a tag somewhere. Him noticing me reaching for my Pokéball was enough to make him reconsider. And a good thing too since his tags are a pain to wash off. Just then, off the corner of my eye, I noticed something moving outside. Approaching the window besides the TV, I noticed that it was a Gogoat, apparently lost after taking a wrong turn. A barista from a cafe I like to frequent has on occasions mentioned how she would love to own a Skiddo of her very own someday and here I am looking at it's evolution. Noticing that I have packed about 4 empty Pokéballs with me just in case, I stepped outside and carefully approached where the Gogoat is, hoping that I'll manage to actually capture it and present it as a gift to her. I wonder, would that make her want to go on a date with me?

A Day Off in a Cabin


In the world of Pokémon, it's surprising just how normal the lives of it's inhabitants can be at times.

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