Sightseeing by BronzeHeart92

  • Spyro, do you remember what day tomorrow is? Elora asked Spyro.

Spyro made a smile, easily knowing the answer.

  • It was the day I accidentally wandered into Avalar and began my quest of ridding the lands of that tiny tyrant Ripto of course. Spyro answered confidently.

Spyro didn't know when he saw Elora previously. After the brief hookup after his detour to Forgotten Worlds in order to defeat the Sorceress and rescue the stolen dragon eggs, Spyro hasn't heard from Elora since. As far as Spyro knew, there were still problems over in Avalar that needed fixing ASAP. And so the day the young purple dragon finally managed to reunite with the faun once more must have been the happiest day of his life yet. They were currently enjoying coffee (brewed by none other than Gavin himself) near the Well in Stone Hill. Spyro couldn't help but notice that Elora was wearing a more fancier dress than her usual one made of leaves.

  • Spyro, would you mind if you took me on a sightseeing trip? Elora asked Spyro.
  • I would be happy to. In fact, I know just the spot to take you. Follow me. Spyro answered back.

And thus Spyro led Elora to the most picturesque spot he knew from memory: the Ancient Ravine. According to draconic legend, it was the spot where a mighty king of ages long gone fought a fierce battle against the Horde from Below, the result of which resulted in the massive fissure. Today, the ravine still has a Peace Keepers regiment permanently stationed in there in case the legend does turns out to be real and the Horde would surface once more. While largely honorary in nature, they do function as a rescue squad in their day job as the very bottom of ravine is too hot for anyone to survive for longer than 10 minutes. When Spyro and Elora arrived there, they were fortunate to be have some privacy as most of the visitors have already left the place.

  • Wow, it's so beautiful.

  • It sure is. I bet that you never saw something like this back in Avalar.

  • Well, we do have the Dueling Peaks but this definitely beats it in the coolness department.

The Dueling Peaks. Spyro vaguely recalled some of the locals in there speaking about it but because of his urgent mission, he definitely didn't have time to admire the sights. Luckily, Avalar has recovered to the point that he could truly appreciate the beauty it has to offer if he ever decided to make a visit once more. Spyro suddenly felt the hunger pangs inside him and reached out for the knapsack he took for this trip. Inside it was a couple of sandwiches, jelly, fruit and a tea kettle full of the finest tea Artisans could offer. Sharing the stuff with Elora, Spyro really felt alive.

  • By the way, have you seen the Professor lately? Ever since he left for that little pet project of his, I haven't seen that mole for ages. Spyro said.

  • Sorry, I haven't seen the Professor either. Whatever he's up to must be some top secret hush-hush type of stuff no outsiders are privy to. Until it's complete at least.

According to rumours, the project the Professor is working on is either a massive weapon capable of ripping the world apart or an efficient teleportation system. Spyro naturally wished that it could be the latter. As Spyro and Elora were about to leave, none other than Hunter showed up to greet them. Elora was naturally happy to see him after a period of absence.

  • Oh, Hunter, I never though that I would see you again and in here of all places. The faun said.

  • Same to you too Elora. Always good to see you in good spirits. The cheetah replied in turn.

  • Where's Bianca? Spyro asked?

  • Well, how do I put this... Looks like I kinda blew it up with her. Don't get me wrong, we're still friends and all that. But apparently 'magic is more important than love' or something like that.

  • It's fine, at least she didn't turn you into a frog or something. So, what brings you over to the Ancient Ravine, Hunter?

  • After everything we've been through, I thought it's best to relax and unwind. And so I decided to take a little tour around the Dragon Realms. As the case might be, I heard that the 'purple saviour' is around these parts and wouldn't you know it, they were right.

  • So much for being a celebrity, I guess... Spyro said in resignation.

The trio then admired at the ravine once more before heading the back the way they came (narrowly avoiding the temptation of an overpriced food card helmed by none other than the greedy bear Moneybags in the process). After arriving back to the Artisans and into his house, Spyro stretched his limbs before going to bed, wondering what the tomorrow will have in store...



7 March 2021 at 13:47:09 MST

Spyro decides to go on a little sightseeing trip with his best friend Elora.

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