At Stone Hill by BronzeHeart92

It was a bright and sunny day in the Stone Hills. Gavin the Dragon is serving coffee to some of the residents from the Forgotten Worlds.

Gavin: So, you're from Icy Peak, huh? Just the name alone makes me really feel the cold.

Doug: I gotta say, taking that hike all the way here was truly worth it. Your coffee is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted in my whole life! It's about as good as the salmon salad my momma used to make me.

Nancy: Oh come on Dougie. How can anything top her salad anyway?

Doug: Hey, I wasn't implying that...

Counsillor George: Would you please stop with your nagging?

Doug: Oh sorry, I suppose we got a bit carried away. Nice tattoos you have there by the way.

Gavin proudly flexed his tattooed arm. Amongst the other Artisan dragons, Gavin clearly knew how to present a cool image.

Gavin: Pretty great, huh? Got them myself a few years ago. The artist at the parlor was rather apprehensive at first, citing how complex it was. But I managed to persuade him to do it anyway.

Shiny the Firefly: This coffee you made,
it's taste fills my mouth!
Inspiration flood my very mind.

Eustace: Both of our realms sure has lots to learn from each other. Ever since the defeat of the Sorceress, we have seen true peace at last. And it's all thanks to the heroic purple dragon.

Spyro: Eh, it's no problem. Just your standard 'saving the world' gig.

Everyone turned to the familiar purple dragon who has arrived to the scene.

Gavin: Spyro, it's good to see you again. Where have you been as of late?

Spyro: Just checking up on Hunter and his sweetheart Bianca. Apparently, they are planning to hit Dragon Shore next week.

Deputy Roy: Finally, I thought I would be here all day.

Spyro: Surprised to see you around here. Weren't you supposed to be, uh, enforcing the law over at the Mines?

Deputy Roy: That be true, dragon. Luckily, a certain mole came along and installed this 'high tech containment chamber' for them Bailey dinos. They ain't escaping any time soon lemme tell ya.

Spyro rolled his eyes. Apparently the Professor has been much busier than he thought. Noticing the sun about to set, Spyro promptly set off to find the highest hill he could find in order to watch the sun set in full splendor.

At Stone Hill


15 November 2018 at 12:24:49 MST

Set after Year of the Dragon, Gavin the barista dragon serves coffee to the residents of the Forgotten Worlds.

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