[open] OTA- Dawnstar Doe by brewbraid

[open] OTA- Dawnstar Doe


17 June 2018 at 16:32:19 MDT

I've loved the idea of a bright orange and teal doe for a while! I have a couple more in mind but those are for me, haha. I really like how she turned out!

These aren't bases and I don't plan to do more of each really (at least not the same character design) so each character will always be unique to you!

Buyer will get the above reference fullsize version, unwatermarked. There are offer milestone bonuses for character extras!

Min offer $35

Offer Milestones:

$50+ includes:
-additional expression of your choice
-closeup of a feature of your choice (paw/wing/eye/mouth etc)

$100+ includes:
-back view
-additional expression (your choice)
-two feature closeups (your choice)

$150+ gets a full character sheet which includes:
-front & back view
-SFW & NSFW versions
-two headshots/expressions (your choice of additional)
-two closeup features (your choice)
-can request changes/edits to character (changing gender, adding a feature like wings/forked tail etc, to be discussed).

*I'm open to cash/characters/art, but I prioritize cash currently (min offer must be all cash, please!).
*You may not sell for more than you purchased for unless it comes with additional art (otherwise it would be considered for profit)
*You may not claim the design as your own. You may post where you like, but I appreciate a link back!
*Paypal only please, payment in 48 hours after offer!
*Serious offers please! If you retract your offer I may not let you bid on future YCHs/adoptables. If you find you have a problem and need to retract a bid, please let me know!

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