Another Macropile by Bren Derlin

Another Macropile

Bren Derlin

11 March 2014 at 13:40:16 MDT

A sorta-sequel to this. =>.>=

This time, Brenna's being joined by not only the usual entourage from before, but from her own (and Bren's) alt forms, too! =O.O=

Oh prrf, now I gotta figure out who all is in this prrfin' thing... =>.<=

art and various characters (Nash, Feline, Alex, Summer) © nashika
Stampy, Fang, Vapour, Mawie, Kiya, Sasha, Erika, August © stampy stampy
Xilimyth, Cye-chan, Evalia, Becky Cascane, Xipher, Ashura, Ampz, Moonlight © their players.
Bren, Brenna, Brenda, Brennataur, Brenna Dracat, Brenna coutal, Brenneon, Brenna Prrfachu, Brevampaw, Brenji © me.

(Prrf, if I missed anyone, please forgive me. =x.x=)

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