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Roguelike by Bravo



5 July 2014 at 09:20:11 MDT

Was thinking on a furry/fantasy dungeon delve idea that is half roguelike, half item strategy action game...

I have slowly come to dislike the conventional holy trinity of game classes, and just threw four random suggestions at a wall and ran with it.

Merchant has extra carrying space, and a pet gelatinous cube to eat all the trash he finds in his endeavours. Being a raccoon, he has a keen eye for rooting out shiny items to use or pack away to sell. His trusty pet and pistol should keep most creatures at bay...

Crimson Mage uses his own health to fuel powerful long-range spells. Being a rabbit with a whole set of four lucky rabbits feet, he tends to find more things to help him when the chips are down. Normally a docile and quiet type, but in the worst case scenario his fiery temper will make his blood boil. Literally.

Big Bounty Hunter is here for two reasons. The thrill of the hunt and the money. His blunderbuss is powerful, but slow and not very accurate beyond close range. Anything at the receiving end of it is sure to end up on his wall. Though slow to reload, his oversized blunderbuss isn't limited to only shot being crammed down its barrel to fire at his enemies...

Shadow Thief slips from the shadows to quickly take advantage of an enemy out of place, and by creating new shadows he? can impair or even kill from an enemy's own shadow. Wards can be strategically placed to keep an enemy at bay, create shadows or blow open walls and loot chests.

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