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Mew by B Pavlica (critique requested)

Mew (critique requested)

B Pavlica

See on tumblr (with an extra version):

This was a lot of fun because I was basically making a baby version of a pokemon who is already based on a foetus.
I actually really love how baby mew came out.

I imagine baby mew being hairless, while mew is covered in very, very short hair where the body is slightly lighter coloured, while it’s bare there, where the body is more red-ish (paws, underbelly, ears, nose).
Like a cat, it has very VERY slightly longer fur on the back of it’s neck.

I coloured baby mew’s tail and belly darker to resemble mewtwo more and thus connects the two beings more.

I think Mews could keep their defenseless babies in bubbles to keep them from harm, it seems like a thing that a creature with such ability could do.

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    i didn't actually know mew what based on a foetus, but it makes sense now that i think about it!

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      Yup, I'm pretty sure this can't be just a theory, seeing as Mew is supposedly the ancestor of all pokemon, and at it's earliest stage the embryos of all species look very similar, it makes a lot of sense (: